The end of an Era

It’s the end of a photographical era.

It’s the start of me taking fear by the shoulders and kicking it square between the legs.

It’s me taking everything i’ve known for 5 years and throwing it out the window of a vehicle going 100 MPH on the freeway.

Okay, I’m being dramatic.

I don’t know why I panicked so much when the email came in from my web hosting service saying that was up for renewal on June 30th. I’d been thinking about letting it go constantly but I thought I had until October to make the decision and now I was being faced with a 30 day deadline.

My deadline was staring me in the face. It was taunting me…it was saying “yo girl, you gots to keep all that stuff, you need it…you need it, girl” (picture this in a rude boy accent). I believed that rude boy for a second. Then I was putting stuff in the back of my car and without thinking I peeled off one of the letter stickers from my website. Then I kept peeling. Then I put Despacito on my phone and kept peeling.


I realized that I think too much about my next path. I think too much about what i’m doing next and I don’t just trust my gut, stretch out my arms, close my eyes and jump. But the best things that have happened to me in business? They’re the things I just did. I didn’t think twice, I just jumped. I belly flopped into this pool of decision and I belly flopped hard.

So come June 30th every single ounce of my marketing effort will be focused on Boudoir. It’s what I love most. It’s what fulfills me, it’s what I was put on this earth to create. The only website I will have will be I will keep my To Pepper With Love instagram and I will continue to provide non boudoir services for past clients that I love (because they’re family now!) but I will not be advertising any business, fitness or lifestyle sessions. I will be taking referrals for those things but I will not be seeking them. I will not be doing holiday mini session days either. Thank you sooooo much for understanding!

So what does this mean for me? It means i’m following my passion. I’m putting my 110% into boudoir instead of worrying about being good at multiple things, I want to be GREAT at ONE thing. Boudoir isn’t just a job to me. It’s my outlet, it’s what brings me joy and it’s my life. I say I found it on accident in January of 2016 but something tells me it found ME on purpose.




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