A letter to my children at a time of heightened terror.

Dear Jack & Olivia,

While you’re blissfully and innocently living in a world of stuffed animals and Mine Craft where the scariest thing on your mind is “will the ipad die in the middle of my favorite video” the world around you is in shambles.

See, you’re both too young to realize but the world is a pretty terrifying place right now. At any moment our lives could drastically change…at any moment you may have to grow up quicker than your dad and I would like you to. In all honesty, even though you’re both kind of annoying and needy sometimes (I mean, you’re 3 and 4.5…what else is new?) that doesn’t mean we want you to stop being children.

We live in a place where we’re privileged enough that kids don’t have to worry about mommy or daddy leaving and never coming back or sleeping with one eye open because they’re afraid that a bomb may strike the house at any second. We’re lucky and so are you and i’m FULLY and coherently aware of it every second of every day.

Babies, I try not to turn the news on too often but I always get the news of another tragedy one way or another. I don’t tell you that a little boy was killed because a man couldn’t control his anger today…in school of all places where he should have felt safe. I don’t tell you (because you’re so little) that I worry every day at school drop off that something will happen to you. I don’t tell you that i’m afraid something devastating will happen while daddy is at work and we won’t be able to reach him. I don’t tell you these things because you’re little and you should only have to worry about what cereal to choose in the morning.

Now I’m not naive…there will come a time when you’ll be more aware of the horrors that human beings (if you can even call them that) are capable of. One day you’ll understand the news and one day you’ll be afraid too. For now, I’ll just continue to make sure I kiss you goodbye on my way out the door to work every single time and keep you both innocent for just a little while longer until the world takes over and does everything in it’s power to dim that sparkle you both have.

Love you, littles.




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