Can you hide my ______?

I get this a LOT as a boudoir photographer.

“Can you hide my cellulite?”

“Can you hide my belly?”

“Can you make sure my arms don’t look massive?”

“Can you hide my double chin?”


As women, we’re FULLY aware of all of our perceived flaws. We know where our rolls are, our stretch marks, our unsightly leg veins and a LOT of us obsess over them. When deciding to book a boudoir shoot a lot of women are worried that the parts of themselves that they maybe don’t LOVE the most will be showcased and I want to put your mind at rest.

Posing. Is. Everything.

No, I won’t edit you to be thinner but I know exactly how to pose you to show off what you’ve got going on and minimize what you’re unhappy with and 99% of the time we show you that what you thought was one of your flaws is in fact one of the many things that makes you a beautiful human being!

Not happy with your “mommy belly” (i’ve heard mommy belly soooo many times”


Legs aren’t your favorite part of your body? 


Worried about what your arms will look like in photos? 


And on and on and on. Trust that we’ll show you at your absolute best! Effective posing is soooo important and it will change the look of your images 100%!


Book with us today and let us show you the beautiful woman the rest of the world sees! ❤



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