Stop hating yourself- OC Boudoir Photographer

Us women are amazing creatures. We’re strong, we’re capable, we’re amazing…we carry life inside of our own bodies. We are moms and wives and friends and sisters, we’re everything and still, we hate on ourselves way too much.

Why do we do this? Maybe we have this out of this world expectation of what we should look like, how we should act…maybe we just don’t take the time to appreciate ourselves and who we are.


I’m SO TIRED of hearing these things from women:

  1. “I’m not hot enough yet”
  2. “I need to lose weight first”
  3. “Can you make me skinnier?”
  4. “Tell me if I have a double chin”
  5. “I’m not pretty enough to do boudoir photos”
  6. “What would I even do with the photos? He wouldn’t want to look at me all the time”
  7. “What lingerie can I wear that will hide my fat?”
  8. “My boobs are so saggy”

And so so much more.


We take these little digs are ourselves every day and we think because we’re saying it to or about ourselves that it’s not damaging. It’s so damaging. These things are in our minds and we constantly think them and it eats away at us. We are our own bully sometimes.


The next time you want to talk down on yourself try this instead:

Look at yourself in the mirror and say 3 things you love about yourself out loud. Try this every morning when you wake up and see how huge of a difference it makes in your daily happiness.

Most importantly, remember…it’s not the number on the tag of your clothes that makes you beautiful. It’s not the smoothness of your skin or the rolls you may or may not have. It’s not about the stretch marks either..your beauty is there- just embrace it!


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