You already ARE beautiful- Orange County Boudoir

I hear it a lot when ladies book boudoir with us. “I can’t wait until you make me look beautiful!”

No no no no. STOP!

We are not MAKING you look anything! Honestly. I do NOT want anyone that comes to us to believe that we are in the business of “making people look beautiful”.

Tatiana does your makeup by enhancing your natural beauty, using your facial structure and skin tone and adds eye makeup to compliment your eye color. That’s all you.


Carlie takes your own hair and transforms it. Texture, thickness and color…that’s all you.


I don’t MAKE you beautiful. My camera is not magical, it doesn’t change how people in front of my lens look. I don’t edit you to be thinner or heavier or taller or shorter.

It is OUR jobs to transform each and every one of our clients inside and out and instill them with loads of confidence. We do this in so many ways but the most important way is showing you how beautiful you are to the rest of the world.

Do us a favor- head over to Sincerely Sara D and print out her amazing free printable. Put it somewhere you can see it every single day- your bathroom mirror, your car, your desk…wherever. Let it be a reminder that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL every day!



This print is property of Sara D- we do not claim to own or have designed this print.

Then shoot us an email and reserve your spot for November’s boudoir weekend so we can show you what it’s all about!


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