Small Business Spotlight: Sugarfina


There is just something incredibly enticing about a store that is bright and welcoming. We’re even more drawn to it when the walls are lines with cute little acrylic cubes filled with amazing candies from all over the world!


Sugarfina is an awesome store! I stumbled upon the South Coast Plaza location by accident and their adorable candy with bright packaging makes the PERFECT client gifts for my beautiful clients. Not only that but a cube or packet seems to make it into every birthday, holiday and get well gift I will purchase until the end of time!!

When you enter the store you notice that you can purchase pre-packed boxes or build your own! There are SO many choices…literally, you guys! It’s REALLY hard to decide! Are you in the mood for chocolate? Sour? Gummies? Crunchy?

They even have a table with some amazing picks for men and the liquor enthusiast in your life!


You can choose your box and then add the cubes- any combination you’d like! I’m PRETTY sure it’s where the phrase “kid in a candy store” came from…except i’m a grown ass woman and I still love candy stores.

If you’re in the area and looking for a super yummy spot go and check them out! THEY HAVE SAMPLES, YOU GUYS!!! They also have a website so they can ship everything to you!



Sugarfina @ The South Coast Plaza!!!

Orange County Photographer

Nicole Anderson


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