The photo that broke the internet…

Okay…so it didn’t ACTUALLY break the internet but by posting this beautiful artistic shot of my client, I was effectively banned from Facebook for 24 hours.


I couldn’t post, I couldn’t respond, I couldn’t message or “like” anything…facebook was off limits for me.

I posted this photo in my private group. Here it is…


When I look at this photo I see a beautiful woman. A wife. A mom. I see a beautiful photo that SHE loves.

What I don’t understand is why there is such a problem with an artistic shot like this. It’s not vulgar, it’s not sexual…it’s beautiful. Women are beautiful- each and every one of them. Every time a photo is banned like this it sends the wrong message. Why should we be ashamed of our bodies? Why should we hide?

I understand that facebook can’t sit and make a judgement call on whether my photos are sexual or art but until they make some sort of a change I’m just going to post my sexiest ones in blogs so you can STILL SEE.

Book YOUR boudoir session today! We’ve got November 11th, 12th and 13th with everything to you in time for Christmas! =]



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