WORK- Irvine Fitness Studio

I have a newfound love for fitness photography. In all honesty- I have a newfound love of fitness in general. I started working out earlier this year and the changes i’ve seen and others have seen have just been so much motivation for me.

The photos I take show months and years of dedication…every muscle is sculpted by a combination of sweat and probably tears and lots of chicken and vegetables. ;). It’s more than that though- it’s the dedication to your body. You only get one body- there are some parts that cannot be replaced and your body takes care of you better when YOU take care of IT better.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kara and Dane from Work in Irvine and they were a hoot. I love meeting people that have that success drive and are just incredibly fun to be around!

Check out their photos below and visit their website if you’re around the District and you’d like to get some WORK IN!


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