I’m a goal digger

I’m a goal digger. I surround myself with OTHER goal diggers. I turn people INTO goal diggers. I PUSH people because I can see their potential even when they may not be able to. I’m non-stop and if you are too I want to know you.

They say that you are most like the 5 closest people to you. I choose to surround myself with hard workers that don’t take NO for an answer. No isn’t a roadblock- it’s a an obstacle and you CAN GET OVER OBSTACLES. YOU WILL get over obstacles.

Think about the 3 things you want most in this world and write them down. It could be to quit your day job and pursue your dreams. It could be to increase your sales or to hire an employee. Whatever that goal is- fight every day for it. FIGHT HARD. The fighters ALWAYS win.



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