The work from home mom struggle

I sit here at my computer most mornings to answer emails, post ads and scan the groups to see if anyone is looking for my services. My toddlers (2.5 and 4) are watching My Little Pony a little too loud and eating apple jacks out of popcorn containers. They also have a Honest Kids juice box…apple of course to go with their “we need to go grocery shopping today” apple themed breakfast.

I try to ignore them but toddlers are demanding. They need things…a lot of things. Kids are needy. Sometimes I dream about having an office far far away from my home that I can blast Pandora and actually get things done in a timely manner. Most days I have to pause writing a one paragraph email 10 times to yell, pick up food from the floor, get “water ice” and any number of insane requests that asshole toddlers throw at you.

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Your kids are cute. Your business is growing. It could grow quicker if you didn’t have someone asking you to change their movie every 23.4 seconds. I pause 10 more times to answer a text from a client because I want to seem available and happy to answer her questions but if she saw what my house looked like she’d probably run screaming.


Listen, all work from home moms go through this. You’re a bad ass mom that also found something you love to do and you’re SO BAD ASS that you can do that AND raise any number of children. You keep them alive and that’s what matters, right? Your floor may look like a small (or large) tornado ran through the house, dinner may be those chicken skewers from costco along with their microwave pouches of mashed potatoes (sorry babe), and you may look like someone literally threw you into a pile of clothes…you know, the pile of clean laundry you’ve been grabbing your clothes from for weeks, but KNOW THIS.

You’re amazing. You’re absolutely freaking amazing.


Nicole Anderson

Boudoir. Lifestyle. Fitness. Business photographer.


One thought on “The work from home mom struggle

  1. Thanks, I needed this! Also, I finally got one of those snacky cups with the lids on it that toddlers can reach in and grab out the Apple Jacks or whatever other cereal to avoid the food on the floor situation, so there’s that!


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