July Boudoir Weekend- Orange County Boudoir

Well- another one is in the books. Our 4th Boudoir weekend EVER! This was my first weekend with a team of 3 ladies and it couldn’t have gone any smoother. I had the amazing Tatiana focusing on the GLAM and the wonderful Carlie working that hair!

Our first day consisted of 8 beautiful ladies and our second of 3 beautiful ladies. When I say beautiful I am not just saying it because it’s my job. THESE WOMEN WERE STUNNING. These women came out and did something that made them nervous because they knew they deserved it. They came out and they FLIPPING ROCKED IT.

Seriously…if I didn’t know better I would have thought I was working with models…maybe in a past life? GORGEOUS.


Hair and makeup was ON POINT for every single beauty, we added an awesome welcome sign (because who doesn’t like feeling special?) and once again, everyone had their own story and they felt comfortable enough to share it with us. We had beautiful women of all ages and even a stunning pregnant mama!! I was so in love with every single person that walked through our door!


I cannot wait to show off these photos!!! To book your own boudoir session email me today at hello@topepperwithlove.com


Horror Boudoir




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